Burial Grounds

St Mary’s Church Longworth has two burial grounds; the old churchyard and the new burial ground. Find out more below.

The churchyard is an historic and beautiful area adjacent to the church. It is still available for the interment of ashes but is closed to new burials.  The new burial ground is at the back of the church and has far-reaching views over the Thames valley. This area has availability for burials and interment of ashes. 

Longworth Parish Council has responsibility for the maintenance and upkeep of both areas, and administers the allocation of plots in the new burial ground. Both burial grounds follow “The Churchyard Regulations”.

See the documents for further detailed information or for applications to the Parish Council. You may also contact the Parish Clerk for further details: or by using the contact form on this website.

Thumb Burial-ground-rules-and-regulations.pdf Burial ground rules and regulations.pdf

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Thumb Churchyard-Regulations-2016.pdf

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Thumb 2023-24-burial-fees-tarif.pdf 2023-24 burial fees tarif.pdf

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Thumb 2024-Application-to-introduce-of-a-ledger-or-Monument.pdf 2024 Application to introduce of a ledger or Monument.pdf

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